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'''Hamid Naderi Yeganeh''' (; born July 26, 1990 in Iran) is an Iranian peoples|Iranian mathematical artist. He is a student of mathematics at the University of Qom. Naderi Yeganeh won a gold medal at the 38th Iranian Mathematical Society’s Mathematics Competition in May 2014 and a silver medal at the 39th Iranian Mathematical Society|IMS’s Mathematics Competition in May 2015. He has introduced a method to find some mathematical shapes like something in real life by using trigonometric functions in the complex plane. His art method is a bit like fishing with a large net. By that method he has found some shapes like bird, fish, sailing boat, and oryx. Also, He has designed some tessellations inspired by the continents. His tessellations are created by some...
Imagesize| caption = Naderi Yeganeh and a digital print of his fractal
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Fieldmathematical art
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WorksA Bird in Flight, Boat (drawing)|Boat
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